Mach III Spinning Wheel from SpinOlution


The Mach III comes standard with three 8 oz bobbins, and can be upgraded to 16 oz or 32 oz flyer & bobbins. The classic T-Back design requires fewer adjustments and has noise-dampening engineering.  You can spin any weight of yarn from lace to bulky.  This studio wheel can do it all, and is available in a Package Deal with all the accessories


  • This wheel comes standard with an open hook orifice.  You can purchase an additional tube orifice as an accessory to this wheel.  If you are purchasing the Package Deal, you will get both hook & tube orifice bars in 8oz and 32oz sizes.
  • The Head, Flyer, and Bobbins are compatible and interchangeable with the Firefly.  
  • You can spin yarn from lace weight to bulky on this wheel with a range of ratios
  • Our bobbins remove without a hassle thanks to the easily-removable magnetic orifice bar
  • The tension knob is easy to adjust for the perfect uptake every time. 
  • Heel rests and multiple rubber feet help to keep the wheel stable and stationary
  • Two toe brakes bring the wheel to a gentle and full stop. 
  • The wheel is made with heavy duty construction, out of warp resistant furniture-grade birch plywood, for years of dependable use. 
  • All SpinOlution wheels are designed and manufactured in America.
Mach 3 Accelerated.jpg

Weight: 25 lb
Height: 32 inches
Width: 24 inches
Depth: 12 inches
Wheel Size: 20 inch diameter, 1.5 inches thick


 MACH III User Manual.

MACH III Price List (includes shipping to USA)

Mach III Package

Wheel with 4A accelerated flyer & 3 Bobbins $1,199

Wheel with 8 oz Flyer & 3 Bobbins  $1,199

Wheel with 16 oz Flyer & 3 Bobbins  $1,459

Wheel with 32 oz Flyer & 3 Bobbins  $1,459

Mac III Accelerated Package 4 0z / 8 oz $1,919

Mach III Ultimate Package 8 0z / 16 oz $1,919

Mach III Ultimate Package 8 0z / 32 oz $1,919

MACH III Base Only* $889

Spinolution Mach III
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Monarch/Firefly Golden Whorl Flyer Upgrades
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The Mach III is smooth, quiet and ergonomic for pain-free production studio spinning. With five comprehensive ratios and three upgrade sizes to choose from - you can spin any weight of yarn from lace to bulky.

Mach 3 Wildflowers