Echo Spinning Wheel from SpinOlution

Now available with interchangeable flyers 4oz - 8oz - 16oz

This entry-level spinning wheel has many state of the art engineering features from the MACH series and Bee Travel wheels - all in one affordable lightweight studio wheel.  If you are learning to spin, have a shop, or teach spinning - this is a perfect wheel for your collection.  You can spin any yarn from fine to bulky  The Echo comes with your choice of a 4 oz an 8 oz or 16 oz setup.  Simple enough for the novice spinner to learn and grow on and engineered for the most seasoned spinners to enjoy.  


  • This wheel comes standard with an open hook orifice. You can purchase an additional tube orifice as an accessory to this wheel.

  • Our bobbins remove without a hassle thanks to the easily-removable magnetic orifice bar.

  • The tension knob is easy to adjust for the perfect uptake every time.

  • Heel rests and multiple rubber feet help to keep the wheel stable and stationary.

  • The wheel is made with heavy duty construction, out of warp resistant furniture-grade birch plywood, for years of dependable use.

  • All SpinOlution wheels are designed and manufactured in America.

Weight: 14 pounds
Height: 28.5 inches (orifice height 25 inches)
Width: 19.25 inches
Depth: 12 inches

Echo Users Manual

Echo Accelerated 4A.jpg

ECHO Price List (includes S&H to USA)

Wheel with 4 oz  Flyer & 3 Bobbin  $659

Wheel w/ 4A accelerated flyer & 3 Bobbins $809

Wheel with 8 oz Flyer & 3 Bobbins  $809

Wheel with 16 oz Flyer & 3 Bobbins  $919

Wildflower engraving Options

Spinner side of Wheel $125

Audience Side of Wheel $125

Base and sides $125

Studio Packages

Traditional Yarn Package 4 0z / 16 oz $1,469

Fine Yarn Package 4A 0z / 8 oz $1,549

Bulky Yarn Package 8 0z / 32 oz $1,549

Art Yarn Package 16 0z / 32 oz $1,579

Spinolution Echo
from 125.00

Available in 4 sizes or Package options

4 oozz 4A - 8 oz - 16 oz

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Echo Golden Whorl Flyer Upgrades
from 429.00
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