Spinolution Bullfrog

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Folding Bullfrog

The Bullfrog is our newest Spinning Wheel model, and hit the market in August 2018. It folds up in seconds for easy carrying and includes three 16 oz bobbins. The carrying handle makes it easy to bring with you to fairs and festivals. The heel pad folds up for a small footprint when not in use. 

The Bullfrog is available in our most popular large flyer size (16 oz) which is also compatible with our 8 oz bobbins (sold separately). Spin up your singles on 8 oz bobbins and ply onto a 16 oz bobbin with room to spare. This 8 oz / 16 oz compatibility runs true on all of our wheel models. 

New treadle design has a deeper motion than any of our other wheels, which many spinners prefer as it feels more familiar to other brands. 

Spinolution Bullfrog
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  • Echo sized Flywheel

  • 16oz Golden Whorl Folding flyer head

  • Comes with 3 16oz bobbins

  • Attached Lazy Kate

  • Folding footrest.

    Ratios 1:4.5, 1:6, 1:8, 1:12, 1:18

Watch this video to see how the Bullfrog compares to the other Spinolution Wheels

In this short video we explain how the Spinolutuon Bullfrog shares traits with the echo, worker bee, and the pollywog in side by side views