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Spinolution wheels designed to meet your requirements 

  • An open orifice, which allows you to spin any weight of yarn.

  • Two orifice options for all our flyers: a large tube orifice and a hook (open) orifice.

  • Bobbins can be changed easily with the removable magnetic orifice bar.

  • Portability: our King Bee, Queen Bee, Pollywog, Echo, Hopper, and Firefly are all portable. Our heavier wheels have strap/wheel accessories you can purchase to roll the wheel with you as easily as carry on luggage.

  • Multiple ratios for you to work at your preferred speed,

  • Versatility: upgrade your bobbin and flyers from 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz on most models.

  • Ergonomic design to keep spinning pain-free even after hours of use.

  • Heel rests and multiple rubber feet help keep the wheels stable and stationary.

  • Heavy duty construction out of warp resistant furniture-grade birch plywood .

  • Designed & Made in America.


Spinning Wheel Rentals at Spry Whimsy Fiber Arts :

(local customers only)

We rent spinning wheels by the month to allow you to have more experience without committing to the purchase of the wheel and to help you make a more informed decision if you decide to purchase one in the future. 

Administrative fee to setup a rental account with us is $40.  Monthly rental fee is 10% the retail value of the wheel and bobbins.  Rental fees are applicable towards the purchase of ANY wheel from us within a year of the first month's rental.  

Wheels currently available to test spin or for rental at Spry Whimsy Fiber Arts



Flyers and bobbins available to fit your needs

Spinolution Bobbins 1/4"
from 39.00
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BOBBIN (1/4")

  • Hopper (all sizes)

  • Queen Bee

  • Pollywog 4 & 12 oz

  • Corian Whorl Echo

  • Corian Whorl MACH Series

  • Corian Whorl King Bee

  • Corian Whorl Firefly

Spinolution bobbins 3/8"
from 39.00
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BOBBIN (3/8")

  • Golden Whorl Echo (except 4 / 4A Flyer)

  • Golden Whorl Monarch (except 4 / 4A Flyer)

  • Golden Whorl Firefly (except 4 / 4A Flyer)

  • Golden Whorl Worker Bee

  • Golden Whorl King Bee

  • Bullfrog

Spinning Classes

We do our best to schedule these classes around your schedule. We also have scheduled group classes

Each class is customized to your needs and skill level based on what you want to learn.  Contact Ingrid at to work out a time to explore the world of Spinning. 

 Ingrid McMasters began spinning in 2003 and is finishing her Master Spinner Certificate from Olds College. She has fallen in love with the amazing textural differences in all things fiber; animal, and plant.  She can't wait to share this rewarding and fun adventure with you.