Olds College Master Spinner Level 1 (3 college credits)

Dates: February 16th - 20th, 2017 9am-4pm


Fees:  $695 for class, $85 for supplies, $160 marking fees (Canadian) 

We are proud to be able to host a level one Master Spinner Class here in Stoughton, WI.  To register, call 1-800-661-6537.  Class is limited to 12 students.  If it fills up, I will arrange for a waiting list for a second class, so please contact me (ingrid@sprywhimsy.com) with your e-mail in order to get on the contact list.

Find out more about the Master Spinner Program here.


Spry Whimsy is not involved in processing the fees for the program.  All fees are processed through Olds College.


Additional Information about Stoughton Can be found here in our Local Links Page