Felting and Spinning Classes

We provide classes on an on-call basis to fit into your schedule

Call Peter at 608/239-0688 or email at Info@sprywhimsy.com  to schedule your individual class or one with friends today.  Most can be scheduled during Wednesdays - Thursdays - and available Fridays.  Some weekend slots may also be available if other events don't interfere with the studio space. 

Wet Felted Flower (limit 6 students)

Flower class

Experience Level: Beginner (limit to 10 students)

Class fee: $15

Class duration: 1.5 hours

This class includes all materials to make two felted flowers.  During the class you will be introduced to basic felting techniques that will carry over to future felting projects.  You will see how you can make more flowers at home with very few tools and just a little fiber. 

Laminated (Nuno-style) felted scarf 

(limit 4 students)

Experience Level: Beginner - (limit to 4 Students)

Class Fee: $55

Class duration: 3 hours

In this class you will learn the technique of felting wool fibers through a gauze material to create a beautiful scarf.  Class fee includes all materials to make one scarf.

Wet felted scarf  (limit 4 students)

Experience Level: Beginner (limit to 4 Students)

Class fee:  $45

Class duration: 3 hours

In this class you will learn the basics of wet felting.  Class fee includes all materials and notions to make one scarf.  Note, this is constructed of raw fibers only and is different from the laminated (Nuno) technique above.



Sturdy Handbag (limit 5 students)

Felted bag class

Experience Level: Intermediate (limit to 5 Students)

Class fee: $45

Class duration: 4 hours

In this class you will learn how to make a sturdy handbag with a pocket, handle and decorative embellishments - all in felt.  Many finished products look like they have been hand painted.  Class fee includes all materials to make one approximately 10” x 12” handbag. 

Needle to wet felt hat (limit 4 students)

Needle to wet felt hat class

Experience Level: intermediate 

Class Fee: $60

Class duration:  6 hours (Can be broken into two 3 hour sessions )

This is our most in depth course on felting.  Students will have a finished, unique, fun and funky firmly felted hat that will stand the test of time.  Class fee includes materials and notions to make one hat.  Hat felting kit (including foam form – good for about 12 hats, inflatable ball and hand-held 6-needle tool and 4 oz of merino) can be purchased for an additional $55 after the class

Note:  Six hour felting courses require a bit of endurance to work the felt properly.  For those of you who might need a rest, we recommend signing up for the two-evening courses in lieu of the full-day course.

Felting class registration

We have three ways to register

  • email: info@sprywhimsy.com
  • call Peter at 608/239-0688
  • stop in the store during normal business hours 

Spinning Classes

We do our best to schedule these classes around your schedule.

Each class is customized to your needs and skill level based on what you want to learn.  Contact Ingrid at Ingrid@sprywhimsy.com to work out a time to explore the world of Spinning.  Intro to Spinning at the wheel is typically 3 hours and costs $40.  Drop Spindling is $12 per hour and ranges from 1 to 3 hours depending on student skill level.

 Ingrid McMasters began spinning in 2003 and is currently pursuing a Master Spinner Certificate from Olds College. She has fallen in love with the amazing textural differences in all things fiber; animal, and plant.  She can't wait to share this rewarding and fun adventure with you. 


When I go to Fibers shows I do a felt flower demo in my booth. This is that demo in a time laps format. Click the video's setting button on the bottom right and you can slow it down it you like.