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Felting and spinning classes can be booked directly for one on one or small groups when we have availability in our schedule. Mostly those classes are held during weekdays and occasionally on a weekend if another event doesn't take us out of town or has the studio space booked. Find those classes by following this link. 

Oncall Felting and Spinning classes


We are so excited to be hosting a second Master Spinner Level 1 class (offered through Olds College) this year on November 9th - 13th, 2017  at our store in Stoughton, WI.  

Level 2 is scheduled for February 15th - 19th.

You can register by calling Olds College at 1-800-661-6537.

For more information on the Master Spinner Program click here.

Thanks so much to Alissa Allen for coming to teach us about dyeing with mushrooms July 15th and 16th!  We had so much fun.  See what we did together on the Spry Whimsy Fiber Arts Facebook page. To read more about her work, visit her website

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