July 15th, 2017 10-4 - Mycopigments - Exploring Mushroom and Lichen Dyes of the Midwest

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Mushroom Rainbow.jpg
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July 15th, 2017 10-4 - Mycopigments - Exploring Mushroom and Lichen Dyes of the Midwest


A Rainbow of Color from the Forest Floor

A scientific look at mushroom dyeing.

Takeaways: Class includes an instructional booklet, a 2 page guide to the best local dye mushrooms and lichens, a rainbow of samples with recipes and a hand designed silk scarf

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Regional Dye Palette

Every region has its own palette of mushroom and lichen dyes.  This class takes an in-depth look at using local, wild fungi as sustainable, safe dye sources. Starting with 10-12 species, with the addition of safe mordants and pH modifiers, we will create about 20 colors in all.


Wild Harvest

All of the dyes are ethically harvested, dried, and weighed (using some fresh material if available). Students learn about mushroom safety, identification basics, habitats and ethical harvest. Participants receive a customized color guide to the best regional dye mushrooms and lichens and learn where to go for help with identification.


Working with Fiber

We will be working with wool and silk fiber. Yarn for class is pre-mordanted to allow ample time to focus on dyes; however we will discuss the steps for preparing the fibers for the dye bath. This includes scouring, mordanting, and   techniques to avoid felting wool.  


Shibori Demonstration

Participants will be guided through the steps to create an intricate arashi shibori inspired design. Each participant receives a blank silk scarf for practice.



Students will take home a detailed recipe card showcasing the rainbow of samples dyed in class. The recipe card lists both the scientific and common names of the fungi and lichens, the ratios of fungus to fiber, mordants used, and pH modifications required to achieve the colors.  Participants receive a detailed procedural handout, a customized guide to local dye fungi and a beautiful hand dyed scarf. This workshop covers all aspects of getting started with mushroom and lichen dyes and leaves the student with the tools to carry on their own exploration.